Sport minded people enjoy better sex!

It was proven scientifically that moderate amount of exercise increases man's sexual desire. The studies have established the following trend: people who engage in regular physical activity, are more sexually active than those who lead sedentary life. The specialists made an experiment and compared the level of sexual activity in two groups, which included men and women over 25 years old. One group consisted of people who led a sedentary lifestyle, and the other one included swimmers who took part in the competition. It turned out that the frequency of sexual intercourse was higher among swimmers.

The team of experts studied 155 people, who made physical exercises on a regular basis. With increase of physical activity, the sexual life of men improved considerably.

About 600 men were observed in the course of the other study: the cardiologist patients had to carry out the healthy exercise program. The results were analyzed then. The specialists found out that frequency of sexual intercourse increased 16% among these patients.

Women dancing 3 times a week, increase sexual activity 30%

However, this does not refer to men only. When women were studied, the results happened to be even more impressive. The survey of women aged 22 to 60 years, who were engaged in regular aerobic dance sessions 3 times a week, vividly demonstrated that their sexual activity increased 30% in average after three months of training.

Multiple researches exclude the coincidence. The results can be easily explained. People who are fond of sport have better blood circulation. Many ED patients suffer from vascular diseases that influence the condition of blood vessels. When the vessels are damaged, the blood can't flow normally to genital area.

Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed when blood flow is restricted in male organ. There can be different reasons for it. For instance, a buildup of cholesterol or some other unwanted substances blocking the blood vessels can undermine sexual health of men.

Blood flow makes it hot!

Change of lifestyle and physical exercises can enhance the condition of blood vessels and improve sexual life. It was discovered that aerobic exercise, such as jogging, cycling or swimming, which increases the heart rate, does not only improve work of the cardiovascular system, but also protects against the occurrence of vascular problems.

Blood flows to genital area and provides erection for men. In women, better blood circulation causes transudation or seepage of fluid. It comes through the walls of the blood vessels. Women become sexually aroused and more inclined to sexual communication.

Physical components of sex should not be ignored

There is no doubt that feelings are most important in bed. However, you should pay attention to the physical components of sex. Whether you like it or not, muscle strength and endurance are important. If the muscles are weak and flabby, person feels stiffness in some parts of the body. Being possessed with passion during sex, you can be disappointed that there is not enough elasticity and flexibility in your body to express a crazy feeling.

Many muscles are involved during sexual intercourse. It is necessary to improve their tone and increase elasticity, and this will improve sexual relations.

It is especially useful to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, and perineal muscles, as they are actively involved in the sexual act. There are also special exercises that can strengthen the muscles of the internal pelvic organs, which play an important role in achieving orgasm.

Why is it important to strengthen heart

The positive effect of the exercises is revealed in the reduction of cardiac rest pause. Thanks to this ability, the heart can pump more blood with each heartbeat. That means that the person becomes less tired during his physical activity. These and other changes taking place under the influence of exercise, do not only contribute to the overall improvement of the body, but also to the normal functioning of sexual mechanisms.

Psychological aspects

  • Sport can cure stress-related ED
Studies have also proved that special program of physical exercises can help to get rid of erectile dysfunction if it was caused by stress.

  • Appearance plays its role
It is also noticed that people who are not satisfied with their sexual lives, are not satisfied with their appearance as well. This is natural. Constant work over your physical shape can enhance your appearance and, consequently, improve sexual life.

  • Confidence and success are attractive
People who train regularly in sports clubs are more disciplined. They have a training schedule and their life is stable. It contributes to success, as a rule, and success is always attractive. Such people are confident, they radiate joy and attract others. There is nothing surprising that they have sex more often and its quality is better.