Interconnection of ED and obesity

Research revealed that hypertension that is frequently caused by obesity, can also bring to erectile dysfunction.

The study that was conducted in 2008 discovered that obesity is closely connected with male sexual function. The results of the study appeared in the medical journal, devoted to the problems of sexual medicine. It told in detail how Italian men, diagnosed with ED, were treated from 2001 to 2007. 2435 men participated in the study. Special attention was paid to the weight of tested patients. It was normal in about 41% of men. The rest were either overweight or obese: approximately 42% and 12% correspondingly. And only 4% had severe form of obesity.

The average age of patients - 52 years old.

A lot of laboratory blood tests were conducted. A penile Doppler ultrasound test was performed to assess the penile blood flow. The men had interviews, during which they were asked about their mental health and ED.

The study was conducted under the head of the specialist from the University of Florence, Giovanni Corona, MD, who discovered with his team of researchers that the level of obesity depends upon the fall of testosterone level. With its reduction, the obesity deteriorated.

Giovanni Corona, MD, with a team of researchers determined that high blood pressure or some other condition that is caused by obesity can also bring to obesity related metal health disorder. Poor blood circulation in the penile area is connected with hypertension.

The influence of obesity on male sexual health is mainly a physical problem. It has nothing to do with psychological aspects of the disease when self-esteem is undermined, for instance. It has nothing common with emotional complications of some kind.

One of the co-authors of this work Mario Maggi, MD, concluded that physical connection of both conditions could urge male patients consider change of lifestyle and choice of healthier solutions.